The Honey

Camelyn Ltd. produces extracts from the honeys collected very carefully from ecologically pristine mountains from all around the world

The Extraction Process

Most honeys consist of over 80% bulk sugar and 17% water. This sugar bulk and water can significantly reduce the usability and efficacy of honey in many applications. There are, for example, limits to the amount of raw honey that an individual can consume in attempting to achieve a therepeutic effect. There are limits to the amount of raw honey that can be added to a product before the honey becomes dominant ingredient.

These honey extracts are produced via a patented extraction technique that removes all sugars, proteins and water leaving only the active ingredients: a highly concentrated complex mixture of flavonoids, amino acids, peptides, antioxidants and minerals.

There are no chemical alterations to these 100% natural honey products. There are no other ingredients added, except as indicated to maintain the reduction of moisture.


Original medical-preventive remedy is a native production, prepared from a special kind of honey. Contains   biologically highly active substances of the vital activity of a bee: albumen, peptides, amino acids, aldehydes, furfural, formic acid, microelements.

Camelyn is a stimulating mean with immunomodulatory activity. Strengthens humoral and cellular   immunity.




  • 100% natural, ecologically clean product
  • highly effective
  • Non toxic
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Available
  • Stand out by virtue of variety of introduction into the organism (injection, per oral use, external application, instillation, impregnation).

Rules of Application:

Solution, powder, and ointment of Camelyn is used for both children and adult, as the component of complex therapy, and independently in all those cases when stimulation of immunity and modification of immune response is necessary.

  • Bacterial infections
  • Virus infections
  • Fungous infections
  • Polyneiropathy
  • Degeneration-dystrophic deceases of anchylosis
  • Tumor deceases
  • Post operation period
  • Traumas


Pharmacological action

Camelyn has anti- inflammatory, regenerative, analgesic effect. Activates immunity, accelerates skin over process.

Purulent, prolonged unhealed wounds of soft tissues and skin, trophic ulcers, panarycias,  burns, bedsores.
Rule of application and dosage

Apply thin layer of ointment on the damaged section. It is possible to use gauze bandage. Apply ointment daily 2-3 times. Treatment duration is determined according to depositions.

Side events
In therapeutic dosage not toxic, has no side events. Is possible revealing of  individual hypersensitivity towards the component of healing means.

Are not revealed.

Interaction with other remedies
Camelyn may be combined  with all medical preparations using for treatment of above mentioned disorders.
Use of Camelyn is advisably together with chemical drugs within radiation therapy. In the case of surgical operation Camelyn may be used in pre- and post-operative period 

Pharmacological forms
- 35% solution of Camelyn M1 for injections in 2 ml ampoules, 10 ampoules in each box.
- capsules of Camelyn M2 containing 0.5 g of dry substance, 30 capsules in each package, 10
capsules in each blister 
- Camelyn M3 ointment in 25 g tubes

Storing conditions
To be stored in dry, fresh and inaccessible for children place

Terms of use

Camelyn M1 – 3 years from manufacturing term
Camelyn M2 – 3 years from manufacturing term
Camelyn M3 – 3 years from manufacturing term


1) What is the preparation Camelyn?

Camelyn is an original biological preparation. It is produced of a special sort of bee honey. Has a strong immunomodulatory action, antioxidant properties.

2) What is the aim of application of Camelyn?

Camelyn is a therapeutic and prophylactic drug. It may be applied with different prescription:
Bacterial infections
Viral infections
Mycotic infections
Tumor diseases
Degenerative dystrophic diseases of joints
Pathologies associated with immunodeficiency
Camelyn is applied during the postoperative period, at mass traumas.

3) Can the practically healthy people apply Camelyn with prophylactic purposes?

Camelyn is a therapeutic and prophylactic preparation. It improves significantly functioning of the immune system, eliminates the risk of development of the inflammatory diseases and tumors. The healthy people can take 1-2 courses of treatment during one year.

4) How Camelyn is prescribed, what does the choice of the treatment method and dosage depend on?

When Camelyn is prescribed, the physician takes into account the main and concomitant diseases. The dose is selected individually, taking into account the gravity of the disease. During the treatment process, necessity of the dosage correction may be required.

5) What is the duration of treatment with Camelyn?

On the basis of long investigations and practical application of the preparation, 2-5 (2-5 courses) months are considered to be the optimal term of treatment. But there is no strict order with respect of the treatment duration. In each separate case, the physician takes an individual decision.
With the purpose of result preservation, significant prolongation of treatment is possible.

6) May Camelyn be applied with the other therapeutic agents?

Camelyn may be applied together with other drugs. Application of Camely with the immunosuppressive agents is not recommended.

7) May Camelyn be applied during chemotherapy or radiotherapy?

Application of Camelyn during chemotherapy and radiotherapy is advisable, as well as before and after treatment by above methods.

8) On what stages of tumor diseases may be applied Camelyn?

Treatment with Camelyn may be taken on any stage of tumors.

9) When the best results of treatment with Camelyn may be achieved?

Treatment begun in proper time in parallel with other therapeutic methods, and in some cases independently, displays the best results. Sometimes, in spite of the treatment begun late, significant and stable improvement of the patients' condition may be achieved.

10) Is the preparation Camelyn a registered preparation?

The preparation Camelyn has been registered in Georgia. Work for further registration of the preparation abroad is going on.