The Honey

Camelyn Ltd. produces extracts from the honeys collected very carefully from ecologically pristine mountains from all around the world

The Extraction Process

Most honeys consist of over 80% bulk sugar and 17% water. This sugar bulk and water can significantly reduce the usability and efficacy of honey in many applications. There are, for example, limits to the amount of raw honey that an individual can consume in attempting to achieve a therepeutic effect. There are limits to the amount of raw honey that can be added to a product before the honey becomes dominant ingredient.

These honey extracts are produced via a patented extraction technique that removes all sugars, proteins and water leaving only the active ingredients: a highly concentrated complex mixture of flavonoids, amino acids, peptides, antioxidants and minerals.

There are no chemical alterations to these 100% natural honey products. There are no other ingredients added, except as indicated to maintain the reduction of moisture.

Original medical-preventive remedy is a native production, prepared from a special kind of honey. Contains biologically highly active substances of the vital activity of a bee: albumen, peptides, amino acids, aldehydes, furfural, formic acid, microelements.

Camelyn is a stimulating mean with immunomodulatory activity. Strengthens humoral and cellular immunity.