About UsCAMELYN INTERNATIONAL Ltd is a company that has as shareholders scientists and companies of know-how from around the world.With its partners It has developed exclusive (patented) technologies for the production of new natural and biological material with use in Pharmacology, Cosmetology, Electronics and elsewhere. These methods have been constantly evolving and new methods are developed also.

CAMELYN INTERNATIONAL Ltd   markets exclusively its products, their productions rights and trademarks all around the world.
In Georgia CAMELYN Ltd [www.camelyn.ge] manages the rights and produces licensed drugs that contain as main drastic the extract CAMELYN. Soon they will put on the market the new line of cosmetics CAMELYN .

CAMELYN INTERNATIONAL Ltd is in a stage of organizing and developing the sales of CAMELYN products universally and for this purpose is seeking for scientific, business and commercial collaborations from countries of Europe, former USSR, Asia, Arabian countries, Australia, Africa and elsewhere.
PLIAS CONSULTING Ltd [www.pliasconsulting.com] has undertaken the research and development of these contacts and goals for the above mentioned countries.

CAMELYN INTERNATIONAL Ltd manages the rights of the production Patents together with the commercial rights for the following high technology products:
Α]CAMELYN extract from which Drugs, Cosmetics and other pharmaceutical products are being produced [compresses, products for sensitive areas cleansing, etc]
Β]BACTERIORHODOPSIN   that is a membrane protein and its uses are in research stage in matters such as Electronics, Pharmacology and Energy.
C]A series of other products of natural-biological origin [Chitin,  Glycoproteins,  Collagenase etc.]